Updating Squidoo Lenses That Get Flagged

With the recent addition of the new filter on Squidoo, a lot of lensmasters are getting that little yellow flag on lenses that need a little extra work. Quite possibly the most frustrating thing about this (to me) is that they are not being very transparent in what they actually want. In fact, there have now been two rounds of the filter being run on accounts. This resulted in some of my lenses getting flagged twice, as well as some new ones getting flagged the second time around.

While I have seen horror stories of people with hundreds of lenses that got flagged, I escaped relatively unharmed with around 20 or so flags out of my 160-ish lenses. And most of those were older ones from a couple of years ago. The real challenge has been determining what is needed to get flagged lens to publish – because it seems to be something different with all of them.

Low Quality Content Flag

All of my lenses that got flagged were listed as “low quality content” which was described as too commercial, spun content or duplicate content. This flag seems to be a catch-all for:

  • keyword stuffing
  • too many affiliate links
  • too many Amazon Spotlight Review modules
  • thin content
  • modules where the default name was never changed

On lenses where I had used several Amazon Spotlight Review modules, I was able to just change those to a regular Amazon module or even to my own affiliate link and have it publish.

To check the keyword density on a lens, I suggest using the free keyword density analyzer by SEObook. The curious thing about lenses with this problem is it seems like even single words were triggering it. I had a holiday lens where the word “day” seemed to be causing the problem.

And, when all else failed and I couldn’t get a lens to publish – adding an empty text module to the bottom of the lens fixed the problem. Now, I’m certain this will come back to bite me in the ass at a later date, but it works for now! Plus, the empty module does not show up on the live lens.

The good news is that lenses are still cash making machines. I have still been making new lenses and seeing sales. So, if you get some of these flags – do NOT let it discourage you. Summer is coming up and wouldn’t it be nice to let Squidoo pay for your vacation? Proceeds from my lenses has already bought my summer vacation plane tickets!

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