Tier Payouts for January 2013 Are Visible

Waiting for the new tier payouts to show up on lenses is always an exciting part of each month. However, it is a little disappointing this time around. Today, the tier payouts for January 2013 are showing up and lenses and boy is it low!

I am really hoping to put my monthly Squidoo earnings on a turbo boost and these dismal tier payouts are not helping. This just goes to show that you should focus more on sales from your lenses and not achieving tier payout.

If you’re ready for the sad news, here is what is showing on my lenses:

Tier 1: $44.14 ($39.42 Ad Pool, $4.72 for Text Link Ads)
Tier 2: $7.50 ($6.70 Ad Pool, $0.80 for Text Link Ads)
Tier 3: $0.38 ($0.34 Ad Pool, $0.04 for Text Link Ads)

Pretty sad, eh? And since the overall site traffic for Squidoo seems to be down, the best way right now to increase your Squidoo earnings is to pump out more lenses on profitable keywords that convert.

What I’m Doing on Squidoo for March

For this month, I am doing a lot of holiday lenses (at least that’s my plan). I’ve actually been a little lazy in terms of Squidooing this month as a result of all the recent changes and because I’ve been making niche sites based on my most successful lenses.

We have two holidays that you can profit from this month on Squidoo – St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. And don’t think that it is too late to cash in. You’re wrong. And you will make sales FAST with holiday lenses. The other week I put up a few St. Paddy’s lenses and sold shamrock related items the very next day!

I also plan on building out new lenses based on my most profitable lenses. Think long tail keywords and product variations.

Need help finding some good long tails or generally profitable keywords? Check out my Squidoo Keyword Research guide Kindle ebook. It is just $0.99 and you can read it on your computer, tablet, smart phone or Kindle device.

If you’re not using it yet, I suggest taking advantage of the free trial for Easy Product Displays to speed up your lens creation. It is not my go-to tool for quickly cranking out lenses that use my own Amazon and Zazzle affiliate IDs. And since Squidoo is now showing those horrible “You May Also Like…” items on the Amazon Spotlight modules, you have an even better reason to use a tool like this.

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