Squidoo Tier Payouts for February 2013 Now Showing

Are you expecting to get some tier payouts for the April payday? If so, you might be a little down when you see how low they are this time. This morning the payouts amounts appeared on lenses and it’s looking pretty low.

Here’s what we got for Feb. 2013:

  • Tier one = $38.52
  • Tier two = $6.55
  • Tier three = $0.32

Just goes to show that you shouldn’t chase tier payouts. Sure, they are great when they happen but the real money is in the commissions from the Amazon sales. If I was relying on tier payments to pay my bills and fund my travels, I’d be homeless and traveling nowhere!

I suspect the tier payouts for March will be even lower than this before they start climbing back up in April. Of course, if you’re making plenty of sales then this is nothing to worry about. It’s just extra money. However, it does kinda blow since I had four tier one lenses that month and thought I was going to be getting around $200 for it. So, if you’re in the same boat – I feel your pain :)

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  1. Ashley says:

    For six days I had not sales and then boom two consecutive sales one of a 1300 dollar item so things are looking up again I definetly think tiers will head up.
    What’s your thought on hubpgaes I hear they’ve recovered from Panda and they seem the nearest thing to squidoo.

    • Henley Griffin says:

      My sales are back to levels I’m used to seeing. And it’s been like that for several days. So I agree that the tiers will go back up. Congrats on the big $$$ sales! If you’re not using your own affiliate links, then this is a good time to change them out since you know they convert (assuming that your commission % is higher than Squidoo’s).

      I’m hearing a lot of people saying that about HubPages and InfoBarrel. I have accounts with both that I’ve had for years (but haven’t touched in years). I’m not really diving into them right now just because I’m not seeing them ranking in the SERPs for the keywords that I target. I have seen a few instances of Seekyt ranking, so I have just started testing it out. However, Squidoo still ranks like a dream and really seems to still be the best bet for quick ranking and easy $$$. The lens I made for the Jaaxy guide I posted last week made a sale the very next day for a $110 item and has been making sales every couple of days since. Wrote on the same thing on Seekyt but no sales yet.

      Maybe I’ll run a test between the four of them to see which one I can get to ranking quickest :)

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