Tier Payouts For Dec 2012 Are Showing!

It is getting close to Squidoo Pay Day this month! Pay out will be for money earned in December 2012.

Just yesterday, the numbers for the tier payouts started appearing on the dashboard. If you want to check yours, just click on “Stats” under each lens and then go to the “Earnings” tab. You have to scroll down until you see 12/31/2012 to see the payout amounts. There will be one line for Ad Pool and one line for Textlink Ads. If you have any eBay payouts for the month, it will be listed there as well but it is no part of the tier payout.

So, for December 2012, here are the tier payouts:

  • tier one = $61.62
  • tier two = $10.48
  • tier three = $0.53

As you can see, this is kind of a let down considering how high the tier payouts were in October. I was really hoping for higher tier payouts since the Squidoo staff was convinced that the mobile upgrade they did to the site in late November would bring in more traffic. Guess they were wrong about that, eh?

Something interesting has happened with my tier payouts. I have one lens that I thought might qualify for tier one but I knew it was gonna be close, so I wasn’t sure. Guess what? It didn’t make tier one! Boo! However, the payout for ad pool and text link ads was higher than tier two. Apparently if you are really close like that, Squidoo gives you a little bump in payout. Cool, huh? Too bad the extra still has me closer to tier two payout than tier one!

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