Squidoo Tier Payouts for April 2013 Now Showing (June Payout)

Looks like Squidoo locked a few lenses today and the posted the newest tier payouts on qualifying lenses. This is a disturbing new trend with them. They seem to target those lenses that are in tier one right before a payout. Kind of sleezy, eh?

Anyways, the new lens tier payouts are even worse than the last ones! We’re back at 2011 payout levels, which really sucks. Granted, if you have a lens in one of the tiers, the extra money for nothing is a nice thing. Of course, when you know how large those payouts were just a few months ago, well, that is when it gets a little painful.

Remember, these numbers are for tier placement in April with a payout this month (June). Here’s what you can expect this time:

  • Tier one = $24.52
  • Tier two = $4.17
  • Tier three = $0.21

Sad, eh? Well, don’t spend it all in one place! 😉 Remember, this is why you load up your lenses with your own affiliate links because you cannot count on large payouts from the tier rankings.

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  1. Ashley says:

    You wouldnt earn that much for an article anywhere else though squidoo is still king. Hubpages is also doing well though I am sure their earnings per article are just under squidoo’s I did a few hubs and already got a sale this month, hubpages converts like crazy for whatever reason.

    • Henley Griffin says:

      wow, that is a quick converting sale! I haven’t done any hubs in years but I know Skeffling is making sales over there too. Maybe I’ll try moving some locked lenses :)

  2. Vince says:

    Henley, I have a couple question that I hope you can help with.

    Where do you find the payout amounts through Squidoo?
    Is there a place to see what amount you got from the Adsense shares?
    Are the amounts added to your lense $$ section?

    Been using Squidoo for a while but never understood the whole ad share thing. I’m having some pretty good success with one lense and ok with a couple others. I need to keep creating. My only thing is that I hate creating back links lol

    Thanks bud, site looks good.


    • Vince says:

      Never mind bud, I purchased one of your guides and found that they show under the stats>earnings lol. Never noticed them there :)

      • Henley Griffin says:

        Hey Vince, glad you were able to find it okay. Sorry I couldn’t answer sooner – I’m traveling this week so I’m not at the computer much during the day. Let me know if you have any other questions that I can help you out with. It’s great that you are having success with a lens. You may want to think of ways to make other lenses on the same or a similar subject to boost your income even more.

        Honestly, I would worry more about making lenses than making backlinks. I’ve done a few backlinking case studies with mixed results. Using Scoop.it is what I suggest to most people for backlinks – it is free and seems to work quite well. :)

  3. Metalpriest says:

    Tier 1 payouts right down to $24.52!! I thought it was still 50$ !

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