Low Tag Count on Other Squidoo Lenses = Easy Competition

Sometimes I see people shy away from a keyword or topic if they discover that there is already a lens targeting that topic or keyword.

This is a bad idea. For your bank account.


Because there is a pretty decent chance that you can beat them in the SERPs and make some sweet cash.

How can you tell if you can accomplish this feat? I’m about to let you know…

So, you find a lens (or three) out there on your target keyword phrase. Time to put on that investigative cap and do a little research.

One – check the lensrank. That will let you know how it’s doing with the internal Squidoo ranking system.

Two – check the backlinks. You can use Open Site Explorer or ahrefs for this process.

Three – check SERPs placement. The quick and dirty way for this is to pull up a proxy like Hide My Ass and (after selecting a US location), manually going through the first few pages of Google to see where it ranks. To save your sanity, you might just want to pop the URL into rankcheckerace and get it that way. Takes a wee but longer, but it’s an option.

Four – check the tag count on the lens that is your competition. (Side note – remember to ALWAYS max out your tags to 40!)

If those four checks appear to be in your favor, then make the lens. If not, move on.

Lately, I have been finding lenses that only have two – five tags on them. This is brilliant news for me and oh, so sad for them. It takes no time to outrank these lenses – in both Google and Squidoo.

If your competition does have some tags, be sure you copy the relevant ones onto your own lens. This will ensure that you are on the same category/topic pages as your competition. You definitely want that since it is what has helped them acquire their current ranking. This is even more true if the lens has zero backlinks.

Want to be really sneaky?

Once you find a lens that does not have the tags optimized and zero backlinks, you can safely assume that most of their lenses fit this same pattern. Take a look at a few to see if that is case. If so, you have likely just found a keyword goldmine. Enjoy your new-found easy cash windfall.

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