Squidoo Pay – Jan 2013

Today is the first Squidoo pay day of 2013. It’s always exciting to log into your Squidoo account and see that blue box on your dashboard. If you’re new to Squidoo and haven’t seen it before, here is what you can expect to see:

squidoo pay blue box

As you can see, Squidoo pays on a net 60 schedule, just like the Amazon Associates program. So, money earned this month will be paid out in March 2013. Of course, one of the things that I like about Squidoo is that they always pay by the 15th of the month where Amazon makes you wait up till the end of the month.

Those of you interested in keeping track of the tier payouts. Here’s how they stacked up for today’s payout, which is November 2012.

  • Tier one: $69.53
  • Tier two: $11.82
  • Tier three: $0.59

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