Squidoo Pay – February 2013

I was traveling abroad a few days ago when that blue box appeared on the Squidoo dashboard, which is the day of the month that all lensmasters look forward to.

For me, I ended up getting paid about $40 more than I expected. It’s always nice when that happens. I think I missed counting some eBay sales, which accounts for the extra funds. Regardless, extra money is always a welcome surprise!

This month, the pay is for the month of December 2012. As previously mentioned here, the tier payouts this time around are:

  • tier one = $61.62
  • tier two = $10.48
  • tier three = $0.53

As you can see, the tier payouts are a little lower than the previous month, which is kind of a letdown. Hopefully they will rebound for next month’s pay.

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