Is Squidoo Over? Should I Move My Content?

With all of the changes at Squidoo recently, a lot of people have been asking if it is time to leave Squidoo. Some think that it is a sinking ship while others are afraid of getting more lenses locked without warning. The worst thing about the way Squidoo is doing this whole thing is that they are giving zero warning and then practically stealing any money you may have earned on your lenses. What’s worse, if someone snags your lens URL after you delete it – and you have a pending sale – they will get credit for it! I saw someone talking about this on the Squidoo HQ forum.

My take on Squidoo remains the same – they still rank like a boss, I am still making sweet cash with them and what they are doing is uber shitty.

Instead of seeing a reason to remove all content and put it elsewhere, I am seeing a reason to double and triple check my money making lenses before they get locked. They have already said that keyword density is a huge factor, and that is something that is VERY easy to check. I am going to give you an action plan in a moment to show you just what I am doing to protect my money making lenses, and possibly earn even more in the future.

But first, I want to share with you what some other mega money makers are saying about this.

First – PotPieGirl. I am certain that you have already heard of her because she is well known on the interwebs for making hella cash on Squidoo. I do not know her, but I have read her story and follow her updates here and there. She also sell a course on Squidoo that I, personally, think is a little pricey, but I have heard good things about it. (investigate that on your own if you are interested) To see what she has to say — click here. Just be warned that a huge pop-up will appear on the screen that you have to close before you can read her post.

On the flipside, Skeffling has plans for web 2.0 independence. Like me, she seems to have been turning some of her lenses and their related niches into niche sites of her own. Click here for her post. Her single product review sites are the most interesting thing in the post. I have heard of others doing that sort of thing as well, and the minimal work sounds pretty appealing, huh?

Squidoo Income Protecting Action Plan

Now, I know that some of you cannot make your own niche sites or just want to keep making the big bucks on Squidoo with me. So, here is what I have been doing over the past couple of days to ensure that I continue earning with Squidoo. The goal is to keep earning and to not get any more locked lenses (I ended up with around 20 locked in total).

  1.  Go to your Squidoo dashboard and sort by the $$$ column so that your lenses are in order by the most money to the least.
  2. One by one, put each of those URLs in the SEOBook Keyword Density Analyzer to check your percentages.
  3. Lower the percentage on those with a high number. Squidoo has not given us a max percent to work with, so I am shooting for a max of 5% on most lenses and 3% on my biggest money makers. Remember that tags and product names ARE counted. Use a thesaurus if you need to.
  4. Change out all of your Amazon modules with your own Amazon Associates affiliate links. Not only will you likely earn a higher payout, but you are guaranteed to get the money even if your lens gets locked.
  5. Open up your locked lenses one by one. Copy all of the content (and tags). Delete the lens. Immediately reclaim that URL by starting a new lens. Put all your content back. Fix any keyword density problems you may have. Change out your Amazon modules to your own links. Publish. The only way you will not be able to republish is if you have suspicious inbound links. If that happens, just reclaim the URL on a different account and it will work. Once republished, your lens will regain all the social shares, etc. And, in my experience, a similar lensrank to what it once had. And you might even keep your rank in Google.

Tip – One way that I have found to lower keyword density is by adding a Twitter module, since it counts as well. Set the module to display the max of 20 tweets and choose a keyword that is close enough to your lens topic to be related but off-topic enough to not make your keyword density issues worse. For example, if you have a Halloween costume lens, then you could make your keyword something like “autumn, pumpkin, spooky, ghosts, etc.” Doing this gives you more words on the page, which works to lower the density of the most used words.

Since Squidoo is locking entire accounts, you may also want to consider creating a new account for each lens that you make. I am not certain if this is something that I am going to do or not, but it is definitely something to think about.

If you’re having problems with some keyword density or something, leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out. I’ll be at the beach for the weekend, so don’t stress if I don’t reply immediately. :)

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  1. Ashley says:

    It a real shame seeing as I got my highest payout this month of $50 which is great for me as a teen and I am putting that money elsewhere to fund some more money making schemes.

    • Henley Griffin says:

      Just an FYI – I’ve recently seen some people talking about a site called as a good Squidoo alternative. I haven’t used it myself, but PotPieGirl is suggesting it to people.

      • Ashley says:

        I have tried Sirgo and I am not convinced but I found something to settle on for the moment and its doing okay so I’ll stick with that and I am releasing a kindle ebook soon just need to get it back from the editor.

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