Recent Squidoo News You Need To Know About

If you ever find yourself at work with nothing to do, then I suggest popping into the Squidoo HQ forums to see if there is anything important going on. Of the forums, the two that are most valuable for this are:

Like most forums though, there is a fair amount of drama and you can get sucked in before you know it 😉

Last week I was trying to visit Squidaholic to do a little spying on some lenses and could not get the site to work. It was redirected to – imagine my surprise upon learning that Squidoo ran the site! If I had visited the forum, I would have discovered that several people were reporting this problem and that a Squidoo staff member had commented that they had taken the site down. Boo! So, unfortunately, no more easy way to quickly check out lensrank and such of another lens.

Another thing I discovered in the past week is that there have been several lensmasters who have gotten their ENTIRE Squidoo accounts locked. Why? Excessive updating of lenses. Apparently, some people were updating hundreds of lenses every single day to take advantage of the lensrank boost that comes from recently updated lenses. There is also some talk of automated scripts being used to do these updates, which may be the real problem here. Of course, all the lensmasters with closed accounts claim no wrong doing, so who knows what the real problem is.

The takeaway here is that you need to really err on the side of caution in terms of what you are doing with your lenses. This includes everything from updating to backlinking to keyword stuffing. You can earn an insane amount of cash from Squidoo and it would suck to miss out on that cash windfall because you went a little blackhat.

And remember, if your lenses get locked – you do not get the accrued money.

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  1. Ashley says:

    So how is squidoo going for you now how much did you earn last month if you dont mind me asking and are you a long term traveller or is it just two weeks here and there?

    • Henley Griffin says:

      Hey Ashley! Sorry for the delay in response. For some reason this comment didn’t pop up in my email and I totally overlooked it! I get tired of dining out and not sleeping in my own bed after a while so I can’t do the long-term thing. The longest I’ll do is a month. But usually just two weeks every so often. And I live on the East Coast so I take a lot of small trips regularly. The last couple of months have been a bit low for me, I assume because of the traffic woes that were going on at the time. The total for my most recent paid earnings was just shy of $1300 by like 20 bucks. I’m expecting to see a return to higher levels with the next payout as that was when traffic started getting back to normal levels (at least on my lenses). Of course, that is assuming I don’t end up with any locked lenses between now and then!

  2. Ashley says:

    The thing that scares me is there really is no alternative if squidoo goes down. Hubpages didnt accept my sales hub, zujava doesnt want your own outbound links to amazon, seekyts traffic just dropped, infobarrel is terrible for earnings per article grr and I am still making some from squidoo I am just scared to make anymore since one’s already got locked without notice and halloween was going to be brilliant and xmas. Any smart ideas?

    • Henley Griffin says:

      There’s some guy who advises on making a new account for each lens. Can’t remember his name, but you get his course when you pay for PotPieGirl’s One Week Marketing course. That being said, I know of some people who have been employing that method to keep earners safe. It obviously won’t stop anything from getting locked, but it can reduce the damages if an entire account gets locked. The downside of this is that you miss out on the high PR backlink from your already established profile page. Plus, it’s a pain to keep track of that many logins! I only have like 8 accounts, so I can’t imagine hundreds of them.

      Honestly, I have written one article for Seekyt and that’s it. I have some older stuff on Hubs and IB, but that’s it. I haven’t made squat from the Seekyt though. On a related note, I noticed this morning that my Hubs that were on pg 1 of SERPs are now on pg 2 as it seems there was/is an update brewing. And some of my lenses that had #1 or #2 positions have been pushed down by either Amazon or niche sites.

      What does seem to be ranking quite well are Blogger blogs. I know some people who are killing it with those. You need a good mix of non-sales/affiliate link posts with the sales posts though or they will lock it for spam. I may have had a few locked for that reason 😉 Apparently you need to make them look like little niche sites or real blogs to keep them afloat.

      I’m still making lenses, but at a slightly slower pace as I’ve ramped up my niche sites. I’m just using my successful lenses for the site ideas. You can also get great ideas for niche sites by looking at other people’s top lenses. A good place to start is the top 100 list – as well as just checking out random people’s top lenses on their profiles. I do this all the time and find people by their comments on HQ posts and in the Squidoo HQ forum. You can also use this site – – although a lot of the links are broken and the orders are not usually correct.

      tl;dr – all that to say…I agree Squidoo is still tops for $$$, but your own sites and Blogspots are good alternatives/backup plans.

    • Henley Griffin says:

      oh, and a couple more thoughts…

      why not take your denied hub and create a blogspot that you can put it on? You can even make the hub link to it since some hubs are ranking good.

      as for halloween – if you have the funds, start your own niche site. I’m assuming that you’re planning on targeting costumes? you can start those lenses now too. I started a costume site last year and really ramped up my costume lenses at the same time. guess what? they make sales REGULARLY! seriously. And all the major costume sites have affiliate programs on Commission Junction. Pick the one with the highest commission (Spirit Halloween, I think) and go balls out crazy with it. Include Amazon links as a backup on the site. Your best results will come from newly trending things (see what the new cartoons are on the different networks) and very specific things like “adult zebra costume” – check that one out. I just pulled it out of thin air, but there is a forum ranking on pg1 of Google and the keyword tool says it gets 110 exact local monthly searches. Another good example is ‘giraffe costumes for adults’ where www. halloweenoutfitsforcheap. com /giraffe-costumes-kids-adults/ is ranking on pg1. With smart SEO, you could get on pg1 for each of those terms – build an entire site around similar terms = $$$$. Bonus points for matching lenses to double rank in the SERPs. Bonus BONUS points for hubs, IB, seekyt, etc. with no sales links – just info- and a link to your new costume site/blogspot. = even more of your results on pg 1.

      On a slightly related note, I’m getting increased CTR using money links with phrasing like “Don’t click here until you are ready to blown away by the detail on this costume” or “Don’t buy a dragon costume until you see this one, or you will regret it!” People just can’t resist!

      Off to get back to work on my own interwebs domination plan now :) Lemme know if you wanna hash out anything else.

  3. Ashley says:

    I wish I had money to start my own niche sites I have no money coming in except the small amount from squidoo as I am a teenager. I have another question for you (I ask a lot) you say you are making $1400 from squidoo and yet you travel is that backpacking on a budget or do you make some money elsewhere aswell

    • Henley Griffin says:

      Oh yeah, I totally forgot that you’re a teen! Do you have an Amazon Associates account? (can you as a teen? or maybe sign up with a parent’s info?) Since you can go all in with a hosting package, etc., then I would totally start making some Blogger blogs around money making niches/keywords. I’m seeing lots of 2-pg blogspots ranking very well in the SERPs.

      If you can’t do that, then I still am sticking with Squidoo as the best choice, despite all their craziness. Since keyword density is their main problem, I am making new lenses and then immediately checking them with and making sure that I am no higher than 6% on any keywords. It seems to be working so far.

      Also, I discovered with the locked lenses that you can copy all your content, delete and then reclaim the same URL. Make some tweaks to your content and repost. You get a similar lensrank back (in my experience) and all your social shares return as well.

      I do not make all of my $$ from Squidoo. I have lots of niche sites that bring in money each month for a grand total (including Squidoo) of between 5-7K. I try to travel as cheap as possible so that I can go more often. I don’t do hostels, but I will go for cheap. I’m spending almost 3 wks in Europe this summer and several of the hotels I’ve booked are less than $100 USD per night. And when possible, I try to stay in the same hotel chains to earn the free nights. For instance, some of my Europe stays this summer will earn me 2 free nights at Marriott-brand hotels, which I will then use on a future trip. All in, I expect this trip to cost me around 6K for 2 people. The airfare and rental car are 2K together.

  4. Jerry Lewis says:

    It is a nightmare, I join to Squidoo from 2009 and get some success with it, and now most of my make money lens went away. I think we may not use free website for our long-term business. But for newbies, this can be a good option to try without budget.
    Thanks for your sharing

    • Henley Griffin says:

      Unfortunately, a lot of people are seeing their old money making lenses locked. Crazy times.

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