Is Squidoo Making A Comeback?

I recently got a question from a reader wanting to know if Squidoo is making a comeback and worth your efforts at online money making. In the past month or so, Squidoo has definitely started getting back some of its traffic from Google.

And if you do a little poking around in the SERPs, then you will likely notice a lot more Squidoo lenses ranking on the first page of Google than you did a few months ago. That’s right, it is starting to look like it did before all this lens locking and traffic losses started earlier this year.

So, the short answer is – YES!

However, making news lenses on Squidoo is something that now needs to be done with a little caution. Why? Because those wankers are STILL locking lenses and entire accounts. And they are still offer little in terms of the reason why they are doing it.

The interesting thing to note here is that the accounts where lensmasters have achieved Giant status are practically immune to the lens lockings and account closings.

So, if you are just getting started with Squidoo, then I have two paths for you to consider taking:

One – create an account and join RocketSquids. Once you reach 25 lenses in the group, you will likely be made into a Giant, which means no worrying about locked lenses.

Two – create new accounts for your lenses, only keeping a handful of lenses on each account. Why? So that if your entire account gets locked, you will not lose all of your lenses.

Remember, there is no limit on the number of Squidoo accounts that you can create!

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  1. Jay says:


    May I ask how you are currently backlinking your Squidoo’s to make them rank successfully?


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