Squidoo Lens Backlinking Case Study

For the past 10 days I have been running a backlinking test on some Squidoo lenses. Now, I know that 10 days is a little too early to come to any real conclusion, but I do have some initial observations that I want to share.

For now, I will not be revealing the three lenses as I do not want extra visits skewing my results. I can tell you that I created three lenses targeting the same keywords. The titles and module headings are nearly identical in an attempt to ensure that they get the same type of traffic.

I create two brand new accounts for this test and I used one of my seldom used niche accounts for the other lens. I probably should not have done that since that lens may be getting a slight lensrank boost from the aged lensmaster account.

Backlinking Services Used

I am trying a single backlinking tool on each lens in an attempt to see which one is best for boosting the lensrank. I have selected:

  • Scoop.it
  • Social Monkee
  • Backlinks Indexer

Results So Far

Like I said, 10 days is a little too soon to be calling a winner, but the worst ranked lenses has been the Social Monkee one – every single day. And the Backlinks Indexer lens has been ranked the best most of the time. However – this is the lens on the aged account.

The aged account profile page does not currently have a high page rank, in fact it has no page rank at all, so the aged factor might not even be a part of this.

What is interesting though is the rankings in Google and not Squidoo. Out of the three lenses, only one is ranking in Google at all. It is the lens on the aged account. On the third day, it showed up on the 2nd pg of Google for one of the main keyword phrases. By day 7, it was ranking for all 6 keyword phrases, with the worst ranking of #60. As of yesterday, it is still ranking for all 6 keyword phrases with the best rank of #17 and worst of #57. This lens is not ranking in the top 100 of Yahoo or Bing.

The other two lenses are not ranking in ANY search engines. At least not in the top 100.

I’m curious to see how this plays out after a month or two because I really thought that Scoop.it was the best thing for backlinking. Of the three services, SocialMonkee is the newest one for me. In fact, I signed up for it just for this case study. Initially, I had high hopes for it…. but it is not looking so great right now.

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