Squidoo Lens Backlinking Case Study Update #5

With all the drama at Squidoo of people getting locked lenses for backlinks, I thought it seemed like a good time for an update on my backlink testing.

As you may recall, I only do a minimal amount of backlinking. That has always been the case – partly because I am lazy, partly because Squidoo ranks well without backlinks and partly because I’d rather spend my time creating kickass content.

My latest case study involves two different accounts – both of which were created on the same day. Lens #1 was backlinked only with Scoop.it and lens #2 was only backlinked with one run through BacklinksIndexer. It hasn’t even been a full month since I created those lenses, but close enough for an update :)

The very first day saw lens #1 pull out ahead in terms of Squidoo lensrank. Then, they both had a lensrank within a few numbers of each other. But, by the middle of week 2, lens #1 had a lenrank around 100,000 better than lens #2. And, this has been the case ever since. In fact, some days the difference has been greater than 100,000. Of course, lensrank payout is shit and that is not really what we are chasing here.

Only one of those two lenses is even ranking in Google. For the keywords that I am tracking, lens #1 has a #16 ranking in Google. And lens #2 has a #7 ranking in Yahoo for a different set of keywords. But really, Google is the one we care about.

So far, Scoop.it is the clear winner in this one.

But, let’s take a look at the lenses in the older case study.

Lens #1 (Backlinks Indexer) has a lensrank of 50,555. It was made on an aged account and was the first to rank in Google. At one time, it had several really great places in the SERPs. Then Google smacked Squidoo. Now it is #68 for one keyword and #13 in Yahoo for another.

Lens #2 (SocialMonkee) has a lensrank of 185, 217. It was made on a new account and currently has a #9 rank in Yahoo for a keyword.

Lens #3 (Scoop.it) has a lensrank of 247,705. It was made on a new account and currently has a #10 rank in Yahoo for a keyword.

Lens #4 (GSA Indexer) has a lensrank of 207,754. It was made on the oldest aged account that I used for this test and currently has zero rankings. Period.

The winner of this one, is Backlinks Indexer.


It’s really just a crapshoot. We have two different backlinking tools that came out on top in two different tests. It is possible that the aged account in the older test is what gave that lens the advantage. In fact, that is why the newer test involves only lenses that were created at the same time.

What we do know is that Google likes backlinks and Squidoo only likes minimal backlinks. So, whatever you do decide to use for backlinking – choose it carefully. And try to avoid no-follow backlinks since Squidoo has declared war on them.

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