Squidoo Lens Backlinking Case Study Update #2

As previously mentioned, I have been testing out backlinking methods to determine which one is the best use of time.

Here’s a quick recap to bring you up to speed – I have a total of four lenses on the same topic, each with a different backlink tool utilized. It started with just three lenses but I created a fourth on day 10 when a friend offered to run it through GSA Indexer for me.

  • Lens #1 used backlinks indexer
  • Lens #2 used Social Monkee
  • Lens #3 used Scoop.it
  • Lens #4 used GSA Indexer

It is also worth noting that Lens #1 and Lens #4 are on aged accounts and the other two are on brand new accounts.

Now, onto what has happened since the last update.

Lens #4 started out with a higher lensrank than any of the others, which is either a result of GSA Indexer or the aged account. However, it now has the lowest lensrank. I think this is a result of it having zero SquidLikes compared to the others. And since I can’t ask anyone to give it a SquidLike…there it sits.

Ever since day #4, the best lensrank has been for Lens #1 – which could be a result of the aged account or Backlinks Indexer. The second best in lensrank is the Scoop.it lens – Lens #3. Clearly – I should have used all new accounts in order to get clear results. But alas, I did not.

Only two of the lenses are ranking the top 100 in Google. Which two? The two on the aged accounts, which proves that I inadvertently tainted this study by using a mix of aged and non-aged accounts.

Lens #1 started ranking in Google on day 3 and Lens #4 (which was created on day 10) showed up in Google on day #23. What is interesting about this, though, is that the account for Lens #4 is older than the one for Lens #1. Yet, Lens #1 showed up quicker.

None of the lenses are showing up in Bing and all but Lens #4 are showing up in Yahoo.

Lens #2 is highest ranked in Yahoo at #12 for one of the target keywords. Lens #1 was ranking quite well for all six keywords I am targeting until Squidoo got hit by Google five days ago. Now, it is ranking for five keywords with the best rank at #71 – boo! Before this, it was at #12 for its highest rank.

Don’t be worried about the Google slap though as some of my other lenses shot up in the SERPs.

Conclusions So Far

It appears that the best combo is an aged account with Backlinks Indexer. Of course, I can’t yet determine which backlinking tool is best for brand new accounts.

While I am still going to monitor these lenses, I am now going to make two new lenses on the new accounts. First, I will compare Backlinks Indexer vs Scoop.it to see which one emerges as the winner.

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  1. gracemary says:

    is backlinking via blog commenting effective in squidoo lenses? that is what i am trying to do.

    • Henley Griffin says:

      Yes, that is an effective way to backlink. You will just need to make sure that you are not leaving comments on spammy/low-quality blogs or Squidoo may lock the lens for spammy backlinks.

      For instance, I can see that you left the link to a lens here, which would NOT be considered spammy because this is a site about Squidoo and there isn’t a lot of talk on spammy subjects. But, say you left a comment on a blog about Canadian prescriptions for cheap – that one would be considered spammy.

      Good luck :)

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