Squidoo Kills Your Amazon Module HTML

If you haven’t been paying attention, Squidoo did one of their famous no-warning updates on Thursday that totally borked up everything. What did they do? Kill all HTML in Amazon modules. You can read more about it here. Basically, if you have any Amazon modules with your own HTML coding in them, then they are no longer showing up properly.

From here on out, the HTML will not work in those modules. And, the update was supposed to just make HTML links look like text but there has been a whole host of problems with that. Some people are seeing all their module text as a giant link. Some are seeing modules revert back to old text descriptions. And some are seeing their Amazon modules just not show up at all on the lens. I am in that third group. While I have been working to change out Amazon modules with my own Amazon affiliate links, I am not 100% there yet.

So, if this is like any of the past Squidoo “updates” (fuckups), then you have to go into the affected lens and make your changes and then re-publish it for the modules to display properly. I suggest you use this moment to actually change out that module for your own Amazon affiliate link.

How do you do this?

Use a TEXT MODULE because you can use HTML in there. You can either upload an image in the module and make it a clickable Amazon link or use some HTML to add in the image directly in the text module.

  • example lens using a text module with clickable image — here
  • example lens using a text module with HTML image placements — here and here

There’s plenty of other lenses on the site that you can use as guides, just start looking at other people’s lenses to get some ideas. And if you’re not an HTML pro, then you can copy the code that they are using. Just right-click on the page and select “view page source” to see the HTML code for the page. Then, just find the module with the code that you like and copy it into Notepad or TextEdit to make it your own.

Why Do This?

Not only will you make your lenses look better (in my opinion), but you will give them a more customized look and feel. Plus, you will get the full Amazon commission with your own links instead of the half that Squidoo offers you. More importantly, if your lenses get locked then you will still get to keep all your earnings without having to worry about them being donated to charity.

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