Squidoo Keyword Research Guide

If you want some guidance in picked the best keywords for your lenses, then I can help you out with that. I have compiled a guide on successful keyword research for Squidoo and made it available in the Kindle store. More purchase options will be available soon, but for now Squidoo Keyword Research Success Formula is exclusively on the Kindle.

Keep in mind that this guide is targeted more at people who need someone to show them where to start when it comes to picking winning keywords for Squidoo lenses. Sure, it is a lot like picking keywords for anything else. That’s why this guide is NOT for experienced SEOs and niche marketers.

So, if you think it will help you take your Squidoo income to the next level, then please check it out. And if you enjoy it, I would love for you to leave me a review on Amazon so that other Squidoo newbies can find this guide.

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