Squidoo July Payout Numbers for Tiers Are Showing!

Looks like I missed it over the long holiday weekend when the the payout amount for tiers posted on the Squidoo dashboard.

As you may recall, the payout for July covers tier rankings from May 2013.

The payout amounts have yet to recover back to their former glory, so I won’t delay the dismal news 😉

  • Tier One = $23.11
  • Tier Two = $3.93
  • Tier Three = $0.20

Those numbers are certainly a far cry from what they were last fall, eh? Since the drop was not as drastic this time around, hopefully this means that we have seen the bottom and it will start to rise up next time.

Of course, I suspect that all the locked lenses that go to blank pages are not really helping. Just think if you were a random person searching Google – what would you do when you got to a locked page? Keep searching on the site or leave?

Me? I’d click that back button on the browser without even thinking about it.

Here’s hoping that we get that blue box on the dashboard early this week!

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  1. Swisstoons says:

    I hadn’t heard about the drop. So, today’s payout was a bit of a shock.
    Maybe, as Squidoo’s standing in Google’s eyes rises again, the payouts will increase back to former levels.

  2. gracemary says:

    23 for tier one lens is well below the usual 40 plus a month, it is perhaps due to many locked lens recently.

    • Henley Griffin says:

      That seems like a good guess for the reason why. Hopefully it will start to pick back up soon.

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