Squidoo Cracking Down On Thin Lenses And Spun Content

Did Squidoo get a call from Google about the increase in thin lenses? That seems to be the growing consensus after some recent updates in the HQ News section of the site. And I tend to agree.

Here’s what’s been happening:

First, there was yesterday’s news updated on selling versus spamming. Then today was the news update on spun content.

One of the things buried in the spun content update was the little tidbit that they are disabling the ability to transfer lenses for now. This has caused a lot of uproar since creating and selling lenses is a profitable little side business for a lot of people. Personally, this has no effect on me so I am not too concerned about.

I think the real thing that people need to pay attention to is the comment left by Seth Godin on the selling vs spamming post. He said:

The hard work here is NOT figuring out how to be a human search engine. The hard work is thematic and creative and personal. If you’re not seeing that, then Bonnie has done you a huge favor, because that’s the secret going forward

The bolded emphasis is mine.

Clearly, all of the gold rush people who have come to Squidoo to make thin lenses and see what ranks are who we have to blame for what is going on right now. It is still to early to tell just how many people are going to get hit when the hammer comes down. But, it appears that if you are creating quality content that does not read like a sales page, then you will be just fine.

The real takeaway: Squidoo just took a sitewide traffic hit.

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