Partial or Extra Tier Payments on Squidoo

As you make money online on Squidoo, you may notice that some of your tier payouts are a little above or below the others. For example, the tier three payout that happened this month was a total of $0.53 but I got paid $0.06 for 4 lenses that has an average monthly lensrank higher than 85,000. And I had one tier two lens that got around $17 instead of the $10.48 in ad pool payout.

Want to know why this happens?

Remember how you can opt out of text link ads and banner ads?

Well, getting that extra amount when you’re technically not in the tier is a result of some higher ranked lenses opting out of those ads.

You will only notice this happening with your lenses if they are very close to moving up a tier. For instance, my tier two lens that got the little extra cash bump this payout ended the month with an average lensrank of 2,164.

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