Squidoo July Payout Numbers for Tiers Are Showing!

Looks like I missed it over the long holiday weekend when the the payout amount for tiers posted on the Squidoo dashboard.

As you may recall, the payout for July covers tier rankings from May 2013.

The payout amounts have yet to recover back to their former glory, so I won’t delay the dismal news 馃槈

  • Tier One = $23.11
  • Tier Two = $3.93
  • Tier Three = $0.20

Those numbers are certainly a far cry from what they were last fall, eh? Since the drop was not as drastic this time around, hopefully this means that we have seen the bottom and it will start to rise up next time.

Of course, I suspect that all the locked lenses that go to blank pages are not really helping. Just think if you were a random person searching Google – what would you do when you got to a locked page? Keep searching on the site or leave?

Me? I’d click that back button on the browser without even thinking about it.

Here’s hoping that we get that blue box on the dashboard early this week!

HTML Image Codes for Squidoo Lenses

If you are looking to spice up your lenses with some custom HTML, then you might be wondering how you can add in image and make it look really nice. The way to do this is with some HTML coding. There are several different ways to display the images, all depending on what you are looking to do.

So, to help you out, here are some HTML image codes that I use on my Squidoo lenses. Keep in mind that this same HTML code can be used on your personal sites or other web 2.0s as well.

Basic Image Code

If you’re just looking to add an image to your text module, then you can use basic image HTML code. That code is:


That code puts the image in the module without any type of formatting at all.

Float Image Code

Personally, I like to have the image to the left or right of my text block so that the text kind of wraps around the image. To do this, you have to float the image to the right or left. The code for that is:

<img src="YOUR IMAGE URL HERE" style="float: right">

The code is for a right float, but if you want to float to the left, then just change it out. For a little cleaner look, I suggest adding a margin around the picture so that your text isn’t running directly into the image. Here is one way to do that:

<img src="YOUR IMAGE URL HERE" style="float: left; margin-right: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px;">

Note that you can change the margins to any size that you want. Play around with it a little until you see a result that you are happy with.

Center Image Code

Often, I want to center my image in the text module. This usually happens when I have made a banner image and do not want any text wrapped around it. Using the standard “center” HTML code doesn’t work on Squidoo, so this is what you have to do:

<p align="center"><img src="YOUR IMAGE URL HERE"></p>

Make Image A Link Code

If you want to make your image so that when someone clicks on it, they get your affiliate link, then you can do that too. Here is that basic code:


The part that starts with “a href” can be applied to any of the codes above, as long as it goes in front of your image HTML code and you end with the </a> code.

There are lots of other fancy things that you can do with HTML codes, but these should be enough to get you started. Try them out in your lenses to see how you feel about them. And remember, you can no longer use HTML in the Amazon modules on Squidoo.

Squidoo Kills Your Amazon Module HTML

If you haven’t been paying attention, Squidoo did one of their famous no-warning updates on Thursday that totally borked up everything. What did they do? Kill all HTML in Amazon modules. You can read more about it here. Basically, if you have any Amazon modules with your own HTML coding in them, then they are no longer showing up properly.

From here on out, the HTML will not work in those modules. And, the update was supposed to just make HTML links look like text but there has been a whole host of problems with that. Some people are seeing all their module text as a giant link. Some are seeing modules revert back to old text descriptions. And some are seeing their Amazon modules just not show up at all on the lens. I am in that third group. While I have been working to change out Amazon modules with my own Amazon affiliate links, I am not 100% there yet.

So, if this is like any of the past Squidoo “updates” (fuckups), then you have to go into the affected lens and make your changes and then re-publish it for the modules to display properly. I suggest you use this moment to actually change out that module for your own Amazon affiliate link.

How do you do this?

Use a TEXT MODULE because you can use HTML in there. You can either upload an image in the module and make it a clickable Amazon link or use some HTML to add in the image directly in the text module.

  • example lens using a text module with clickable image — here
  • example lens using a text module with HTML image placements — here and here

There’s plenty of other lenses on the site that you can use as guides, just start looking at other people’s lenses to get some ideas. And if you’re not an HTML pro, then you can copy the code that they are using. Just right-click on the page and select “view page source” to see the HTML code for the page. Then, just find the module with the code that you like and copy it into Notepad or TextEdit to make it your own.

Why Do This?

Not only will you make your lenses look better (in my opinion), but you will give them a more customized look and feel. Plus, you will get the full Amazon commission with your own links instead of the half that Squidoo offers you. More importantly, if your lenses get locked then you will still get to keep all your earnings without having to worry about them being donated to charity.

Squidoo Tier Payouts for April 2013 Now Showing (June Payout)

Looks like Squidoo locked a few lenses today and the posted the newest tier payouts on qualifying lenses. This is a disturbing new trend with them. They seem to target those lenses that are in tier one right before a payout. Kind of sleezy, eh?

Anyways, the new lens tier payouts are even worse than the last ones! We’re back at 2011 payout levels, which really sucks. Granted, if you have a lens in one of the tiers, the extra money for nothing is a nice thing. Of course, when you know how large those payouts were just a few months ago, well, that is when it gets a little painful.

Remember, these numbers are for tier placement in April with a payout this month (June). Here’s what you can expect this time:

  • Tier one = $24.52
  • Tier two = $4.17
  • Tier three = $0.21

Sad, eh? Well, don’t spend it all in one place! 馃槈 Remember, this is why you load up your lenses with your own affiliate links because you cannot count on large payouts from the tier rankings.

Clarification On How Often You Can Update Lenses

Not that long ago, Squidoo locked a bunch of accounts for updating lenses too frequently. While this was aimed at people using automated scripts to update entire accounts daily, it understandably got a lot of lensmasters worried.

Squidoo HQ was saying not to update too frequently, without actually defining what they mean by “too frequently.”

Finally, Bonnie at Squidoo responded to someone with some parameters that we can work within. Unfortunately, she only gave this information to a preferred lensmaster via private email, but that lensmaster shared it on the Squidoo HQ forum.

So, if you’re wondering just how many lenses that you can update in a single day and not get your account locked, here is the latest word on the street:

“…when I asked Bonnie about updating lenses, she told me 鈥7 to 10 a day鈥, and that my lenses don鈥檛 need updating more than once a week. But, she did tell everyone, that some lenses only need to be updated once a week, while others don鈥檛 need to be updated more than once a month, and she did make an allowance for making corrections like typos.”

Hopefully, this will help prevent some lens lockings now that we know not to update more than seven to 10 per day.

I will say that I did update more than 10 in聽 a day the other week when I went through all my “Best” and “2103” lenses to change the titles. And I have not had any lenses locked in a while (knock on wood). So, there may be a little wiggle room in that number. But just to be safe, I will no longer make edits to more than 10 lenses in a single day – and I suggest that you do the same!