Do New Lenses On Aged Accounts Get Better Rankings?

I am currently in the midst of setting up a case study on backlinking Squidoo lenses and had to create three almost identical lenses to test my theories.I created two brand new accounts and used one of my old accounts for the lens creation.

The first lensrank update showed a ranking difference of 55,001 between the lens on the aged account and the best ranked new lens.

This initially led me to believed that older, or aged, Squidoo accounts result in lenses that get a better lensrank. Basically, I thought you got a little lensrank bump for the aged account.

Today is the 3rd lensrank update and that theory no longer holds. However, I did discover something else interesting.

It seems as if using the Ping Tool over at SquidTools gives you a slight advantage in lensrank. For the first two lenses in the image below, I used the SquidUtils lens workshop add-on to ping them once they were published. For the third lens, I was on a different computer and used the SquidTools Ping Tool for pinging the published lens.

Squidoo lens ping

As you can see, it looks like the aged account only gives you a lensrank boost for that first update. In fact, it seems to hurt you after that! That lens is the lowest ranked of the three.

So, no, I do not think that an aged Squidoo account actually gives you a lensrank boost :( But it does appear that the SquidTools Ping Tool does. Find it here.

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