Using Jaaxy To Make Squidoo Lenses

One of my must-have tools for making Squidoo lenses is the keyword tool Jaaxy. In fact, I love this tool so much I pay the $19 monthly fee for it. But, before you pony up the cash for this tool, let me show you just how I use it. Hat tip to reader Dennis who let me know via email that there was a little confusion on just how to effectively use this tool to make lenses that make you cash.

How I Use Jaaxy For Squidoo Lenses

The cool thing about Jaaxy is that it is super easy to use. Most of the time (99.9%), all I do is go to Jaaxy and enter in a generic keyword on the search page.  Doing this brings up a list of keywords. In most instances, it also populates the “Related Keywords” section on the left side of the Jaaxy screen. This area of the screen is great for finding keywords that you might not have thought of to begin with.

I decided to make a lens using Jaaxy, which I will reveal at the bottom of the post, so that you can see how I incorporate all the keywords.

To begin, I entered in the keyword phrase: tablet stand. It was just a random product that popped into my head that I decided to try out. Obviously, there is going to be too much competition for that particular keyword phrase, so my intention was to discover some long tails or very specific keyword phrases that I could use.

Now, Jaaxy has several columns with information for you to check out.

  • Monthly Searches
  • Estimated Traffic
  • QSR (this is your competition number)
  • KQI (keyword quality index)
  • SEO Power

When I am evaluating potential keywords, I like to see green in the KQI column and at least a couple of hundred searches for the month. For the searches, this is total and not per keyword. And, I know in the back of my mind that any QSR number under 400 means that I will have an easier time ranking. And, the lower the QSR, the better for me.

Here are the keywords that I have picked out based on my initial keyword search:

Just click on it to see it larger. You will notice that I marked through two keyword options that I am not using. One has too much competition and the other does not really go with the rest. As you can see, one of the keywords is yellow, but I’m still using it since all of the others are green.

Want to see the lens I created earlier this morning with these keywords? You can find it here.

More Cool Jaaxy Features

There are still some great things about Jaaxy when it comes to keyword research for Squidoo lenses.

If you just simply cannot come up with any good keyword ideas, then Jaaxy has your back. On the main search screen, you can click on the “Brainstorm” tab to get all sorts of awesome keyword ideas. They give you the hot topics on

  • Google Trends
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Alexa
  • Twitter
  • Amazon

If you see something that you’re interested in, just click the little green button beside it and that item will be added to your brainstorm queue so that you can dig into the details.

Sign up for a free account at Jaaxy and get 30 free searches now.

Got any questions on making lenses for Squidoo? Let me know!

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