Another Depressing Squidoo Pay Day

Today that blue box appeared on the dashboard, and it wasn’t quite as much as I had hoped for. You see, I have noticed an increase in traffic on some of my more successful lenses and thought this meant that there would be a new upward trend in earnings.

For some reason, I had forgotten that there is a 2 month delay in the Squidoo pay   *facepalm*

So, while I have noticed that uptick in traffic, the pay for it won’t be till next month or even the next.

Yes, Tier Payment Is Low This Month

There is no denying that tier payments are crazy low for this payout. In fact, my overall pay is around $50 less than it was last month as a result of the lower tiers.

That being said, the tiers were never the big money maker anyway. It is all about that sweet Amazon affiliate money. Or any other affiliate program that you may use.

Honestly, Squidoo lenses are not rising up to the top of the SERPs as quickly as they once did. Some establish lenses have even taken a hit in the SERPs and been pushed back a page or two.


I’m Still Making Lenses

I know what you’re thinking…if they payout is on a downward trend for the tiers and the ranking is not as quick they why am I still making lenses?

The simple answer is – they are still making me money.

A few weeks ago I made a new lenses on one of my accounts and it quickly shot to the low 8,000s in lensrank. It doesn’t hurt that it got found and then put on a list of other lenses that Squidoo HQ posted for people one day.

That lens has gotten itself over 20 SquidLikes and started making sales on day three!

So, there is still some money to be made on Squidoo, but it is just not happening as quickly.

P.S. …

I do want to tell you all that I am not making quite as many lenses as I used to, though. As some of you may know, I have started a series of Kindle books on jobs that you can do from pretty much anywhere and that is taking up a lot of my time. If you’re interested, you can learn more at – I’m in the midst of finishing up the second book now, which is taking time away from working on my lenses and my niches sites. But, help people quit their boring cubicle jobs is exciting work!


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