Clarification On How Often You Can Update Lenses

Not that long ago, Squidoo locked a bunch of accounts for updating lenses too frequently. While this was aimed at people using automated scripts to update entire accounts daily, it understandably got a lot of lensmasters worried.

Squidoo HQ was saying not to update too frequently, without actually defining what they mean by “too frequently.”

Finally, Bonnie at Squidoo responded to someone with some parameters that we can work within. Unfortunately, she only gave this information to a preferred lensmaster via private email, but that lensmaster shared it on the Squidoo HQ forum.

So, if you’re wondering just how many lenses that you can update in a single day and not get your account locked, here is the latest word on the street:

“…when I asked Bonnie about updating lenses, she told me “7 to 10 a day”, and that my lenses don’t need updating more than once a week. But, she did tell everyone, that some lenses only need to be updated once a week, while others don’t need to be updated more than once a month, and she did make an allowance for making corrections like typos.”

Hopefully, this will help prevent some lens lockings now that we know not to update more than seven to 10 per day.

I will say that I did update more than 10 in  a day the other week when I went through all my “Best” and “2103” lenses to change the titles. And I have not had any lenses locked in a while (knock on wood). So, there may be a little wiggle room in that number. But just to be safe, I will no longer make edits to more than 10 lenses in a single day – and I suggest that you do the same!

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