Using A Brand Name In Your Squidoo URL

If you have any experience in affiliate marketing and set up your own websites, then you may know the benefits of using brand names in your URL. That being said, you likely also know the risk of buying a domain with a brand name in it. At a minimum, you can get contacted by a lawyer and told to stop using the domain. And the worst case scenario is that you get sued for using the brand.

You don’t need to have these fears when it comes to picking your Squidoo lens URL.

In fact, it is to your benefit to use a brand name in the URL, assuming that your lens is on a product of the brand. For instance, if you are creating a lens on the Nintendo Wii U, then by all means include the brand and product name in the URL. For instances, you may want to review the Wii U so your lens URL might look like this:


Doing this will help you when it comes to ranking the lens in Google.

If you’re targeting a popular product, then you may have a hard time securing the URL that you want as it may already be taken by another Squidoo lensmaster. What do you do if this happens?

Easy. You do the same thing you would do if you were trying to buy an exact match domain that was already taken. Add different modifiers to it. Some options are a number, a random letter, a year, something like “hq” or a word that you know Google will ignore like “the.”

  • /nintendo-wii-u-reviews
  • /nintendo-wii-u-review1
  • /nintendo-wii-u-review-2012
  • /nintendo-wii-u-review-hq
  • /the-nintendo-wii-u-review

If you can’t get your ideal URL with the brand name in it, just play around with the title until you get one that isn’t taken.

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