Bonnie at Squidoo Explains Cookie Cutter Lenses

When all the Squidoo lens flagging and locking drama started, one of the things mentioned in the new magical TOS is that cookie cutter lenses = big no-no. Like everything that Squidoo has been doing lately, little information was given and interpretation was largely left up to the reader.

But now, it seems that Bonnie has taken to the Squidoo HQ forum to answer the question of what, exactly, is a cookie cutter lens. The exchange that happened really takes all their recent dumbassery to an 11.

Bonnie says – “Cookie cutter is when you make a bunch of lenses that are exactly the same. For example…Best Blenders of 2013, Best Mixers of 2013, Best Grills of 2013 with an intro, products, YouTube module, Guestbook. They are set up the exact same way, have similar content and no originality.”

Random user replies – “Eek! I have a bunch (!) of herb lenses that all contain unique info but are created on the same template – I wanted to keep some sort of uniformity – is that okay, or should I revamp them?”

Bonnie replies – “Using a template to create lenses with unique info is fine.”

Um, what?

So, first she says that having “Best” lenses about totally different products (blenders vs grills) that have the same format will get those lenses locked.

But wait! That template is actually okay if the content is unique. Cause, y’know, you’d be writing the exact same thing about grills as you would mixers.

If there was ever a time for a facepalm…

You can view this insane exchange for yourself on the Squidoo forum here.

With everything that is going on, I am really leaning towards the each lens on a single account type of thinking. It serve as a forcefield against these shenanigans.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Dam, if they are targetting best xxx then my top performing is going down which would be a pity I like the little money coming in from squidoo.

    • Henley Griffin says:

      I had two of my best locked yesterday for something called CQT-low quality. Both had “Best” in the title, like some other lensmasters have said. And, also like others, the locked lenses were in the top 2000. I’m hearing that you now can’t reclaim your own URL and publish, so I’m about to test that out and find out if it is true.

  2. Ashley says:

    What even worse is it seems they’ve locked my lens, my prediction was right just as I made a sale, somethings fishy. My sales suddenly came back and now they decide to start locking what sort of underhand techniques do they think they’re playing.

    • Henley Griffin says:

      Yikes, sorry that happened to you! There have been a lot of people in the Squidoo HQ forum saying that lenses get locked right after making sales. I had one get 5 sales posted and then get locked a hour later! Kinda makes you wonder if they got some bills due, right? Even worse, that same lens – I deleted it & reclaimed the same URL and re-posted the content word for word – including images. Did that last night. It published fine and made it through the lensrank update today!

    • Henley Griffin says:

      well, that lens that I reposted was just locked for duplicate content 😉

  3. Ashley says:

    I think its just a coincidence seeing as it wont make them anymore money IF they are truthful in saying that half goes to charity.

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