Awesome New Squidoo Lens Creation Tool – Easy Product Displays

I have been testing out a new tool for making Squidoo lenses that I am really excited about. It is called Easy Product Displays and it was actually created by another lensmaster. It is a paid tool and it is the only tool that I have found that I think is worth paying for when it comes to making lenses.

If you have seen SquidCrafter, then you will notice that Easy Product Displays offers some similar features – only better. I am not a fan of SquidCrafter and I think the results you get with this new tool are MUCH better looking. Plus, this tools work with your Zazzle affiliate ID, making it easy to incorporate Zazzle items into your lenses.

It is true that I have been anti-lens making tools in the past. I admit that I was skeptical that they could really save you that much time. Since Easy Product Displays offers a free trial, I thought I would give it a test drive. The end result? I was surprised by how much time it saved me when making lenses. And, it looks great! Even better than SquidCrafter and the SquidTools Item Box Builder.

Another great feature of this tool is that you can easily use it with your own blogs, sites and accounts on other Web 2.0s. You don’t have to take my word for it though. Click on the image below for additional info and a video of the tool in action.

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