RIP Squidoo

As you may already know, as of last month Squidoo is no longer in business. All existing lenses were transferred over to HubPages and Squidoo is redirecting all of their traffic to HubPages now. Unfortunately, this means that making money on Squidoo is over And since I am not knowledgeable about earning on HubPages, I […] Read more »

Is Squidoo Making A Comeback?

I recently got a question from a reader wanting to know if Squidoo is making a comeback and worth your efforts at online money making. In the past month or so, Squidoo has definitely started getting back some of its traffic from Google. And if you do a little poking around in the SERPs, then […] Read more »

A Rise In Squidoo Traffic and Pay Day

For a while now, Squidoo has been suffering in the search engine results after taking quite the beating from Google earlier this year. As most of you already know, the peeps at Squidoo HQ took an extreme reaction to this and went a little crazy with account lockings and lens lockings. Even I have not […] Read more »

Another Depressing Squidoo Pay Day

Today that blue box appeared on the dashboard, and it wasn’t quite as much as I had hoped for. You see, I have noticed an increase in traffic on some of my more successful lenses and thought this meant that there would be a new upward trend in earnings. For some reason, I had forgotten […] Read more »