Henley here. Just wanted to give you a little bit of background info on me. I used to work as a Cost Accountant for a Fortune 500, now I make a living online while my grad school degree gathers dust in a closet. But hey, I’d much rather work in my pajamas all day than sit in a cubicle and deal with office politics. Plus, I can do things like go to the movies in the middle of the day or take a last minute trip to Europe without having to deal with requesting time off and such. Anyways, here’s my story…

I started using Squidoo in January of 2011 as a way to get high page rank backlinks to some of my affiliate sites. At the time, I wasn’t really viewing Squidoo as a way of making money, but as a way of boosting the link profile of my other sites, which would hopefully result in better rankings for the sites and bigger affiliate commissions for me.

My first Squidoo payout was in March 2011 and it was a whopping $0.26, which means that I didn’t even get paid that month because it wasn’t even a full dollar. I didn’t care though because my sites were getting a boost from the Squidoo backlinks.

By April 2011, I realized that Squidoo was a great way to test out products and niches before building a site around them. So, I built up a few more lenses for a total number of lenses just under 20.

In November 2011, I built a top Christmas toys lens just to see if it would rank and earn anything. I still had less than 20 lenses and I managed to make over $100 in December 2011 on that lens. When I saw that, I thought to myself “There could be some real money in this. I need to make some more lenses.”

In true slacker fashion, it wasn’t until May 2012 that I actually started making more lenses. Why? Because I was making money doing other things and I was basically being a bit lazy about it. But, I had an expensive move coming and an equally as expensive vacation, so I needed to ramp up my cash.

I added a few more lenses to my profile and ended up making over $300 that month. The next month, I added a few more lenses and got close to $1000.

Now, on my low months I make around $1200. That pays my rent and my car payment. And that’s just the low months. While I don’t make as much money from Squidoo as some people (like Skeffling), I also don’t outsource any of my content and I make enough to cover my living expenses and travel.

I started this site to show people how easy it is to make good money from Squidoo and to track my progress on trying to get to $5,000 per month from Squidoo lenses.  I’ll try to answer any questions you might have as best I can.