75 Buying Keywords For Squidoo Lenses

If you’re looking for easy ways to drive traffic to your Squidoo lenses, then you need to focus on using buying keywords. These are the keywords that people enter into search engines when they are ready to make a purchase. The great thing about using buying keywords is that you are targeting people who have already done the research and know exactly what they want to buy. They might just be looking for the place with the lowest price or the place that offers free shipping.

Add some of these buying keywords to your new lenses that you create. And if you already have lenses out there, go back in and add some of these to your module headings and subheadings. Before you know it, you will start seeing some great traffic results and an increase in your sales.

I have a list of 75 buying keywords that I use for reference when I am creating my Squidoo lenses. Just remember to not stuff your lens with these phrases. It is best if they seem to appear naturally in the lens.

  • Affordable XXXX
  • Bargain XXXX
  • Best discount XXXX
  • Best price XXXX
  • Best reviews of XXXX
  • Best XXXX
  • Buy XXXX
  • Buy XXXX cheap
  • Buy XXXX on sale
  • Buy XXXX online
  • Buying XXXX
  • Cheap XXXX
  • Cheap XXXX online
  • Cheapest price XXXX
  • Cheapest price XXXX online
  • Cheapest XXXX
  • Cheapest XXXX online
  • Compare prices for XXXX
  • Compare XXXX
  • Compare XXXX and XXXX
  • Deals for XXXX
  • Discount price XXXX
  • Discount XXXX
  • Discounted XXXX
  • Find XXXX
  • For sale XXXX
  • Free shipping XXXX
  • Get cheap XXXX
  • Get the best price for XXXX
  • Get XXXX
  • How do I get XXXX
  • Is XXXX better than XXXX
  • Low cost XXXX
  • Low price XXXX
  • Lowest cost XXXX
  • Lowest price XXXX
  • Online XXXX
  • Order XXXX
  • Price compare XXXX
  • Price comparisons for XXXX
  • Price comparisons of XXXX
  • Price comparisons XXXX
  • Purchase XXXX
  • Shop XXXX
  • The cheapest XXXX online
  • Top 10 XXXX
  • Top 3 XXXX
  • Top 5 XXXX
  • Top XXXX
  • What is the best price for XXXX
  • Where can I buy XXXX
  • Where can you buy XXXX
  • Where to buy XXXX
  • Who sells the cheapest XXXX on line
  • Who sells XXXX
  • Who sells XXXX cheap
  • Who sells XXXX the cheapest
  • XXXX (complete product name/model)
  • XXXX at discount
  • XXXX best price
  • XXXX cheap
  • XXXX clearance price
  • XXXX compare prices
  • XXXX discount price
  • XXXX discount sale price
  • XXXX for sale
  • XXXX for sale online
  • XXXX free shipping
  • XXXX lowest price
  • XXXX on Amazon
  • XXXX on sale
  • XXXX online
  • XXXX reviews
  • XXXX sale
  • XXXX under (insert price)

You can also combine some of these, like “buying XXXX online at the cheapest price” for some good results.

These buying keywords can also be used on your own niche sites with good results. If you have any other good buying keywords that I’ve missed, feel free to let me know about them!

You can also download a TXT file of the keywords here – 75BuyingKeywords.txt (right-click and “Save As” to save to your computer)

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