RIP Squidoo

As you may already know, as of last month Squidoo is no longer in business. All existing lenses were transferred over to HubPages and Squidoo is redirecting all of their traffic to HubPages now.

Unfortunately, this means that making money on Squidoo is over :(

And since I am not knowledgeable about earning on HubPages, I cannot offer you any advice on what it takes to earn a nice passive income from the site.

However, if you are interested in making money from other ventures, you can follow me at and for more details.

Is Squidoo Making A Comeback?

I recently got a question from a reader wanting to know if Squidoo is making a comeback and worth your efforts at online money making. In the past month or so, Squidoo has definitely started getting back some of its traffic from Google.

And if you do a little poking around in the SERPs, then you will likely notice a lot more Squidoo lenses ranking on the first page of Google than you did a few months ago. That’s right, it is starting to look like it did before all this lens locking and traffic losses started earlier this year.

So, the short answer is – YES!

However, making news lenses on Squidoo is something that now needs to be done with a little caution. Why? Because those wankers are STILL locking lenses and entire accounts. And they are still offer little in terms of the reason why they are doing it.

The interesting thing to note here is that the accounts where lensmasters have achieved Giant status are practically immune to the lens lockings and account closings.

So, if you are just getting started with Squidoo, then I have two paths for you to consider taking:

One – create an account and join RocketSquids. Once you reach 25 lenses in the group, you will likely be made into a Giant, which means no worrying about locked lenses.

Two – create new accounts for your lenses, only keeping a handful of lenses on each account. Why? So that if your entire account gets locked, you will not lose all of your lenses.

Remember, there is no limit on the number of Squidoo accounts that you can create!

A Rise In Squidoo Traffic and Pay Day

For a while now, Squidoo has been suffering in the search engine results after taking quite the beating from Google earlier this year. As most of you already know, the peeps at Squidoo HQ took an extreme reaction to this and went a little crazy with account lockings and lens lockings. Even I have not been immune to the lens lockings.

It seems as if they have been a bit more lenient on the SquidGiant accounts, with those accounts getting the least number of lenses locked. That being said, there have certainly been some Giants who have had their entire accounts locked. However, they did recently send out an email to all of the Giants telling them that they need to make some new lenses in the product review format and re-apply to be a Giant or lose their status.

The good news in the midst of all these shenanigans is that traffic on the site is starting to rebound. Not only that, but lenses are getting back their high positions in the search engine results. What does this mean for you? That the money train is getting ready to gather some steam and you better make sure that you butt is on it!

A word of caution though – they are still locking lenses and entire accounts. As a result, your best bet in terms of limiting any losses, is to create multiple Squidoo accounts and only do a few lenses on each account. This way, if you end up with an account that gets locked in its entirety, you only use some of your lenses and not all of them!

And on slightly sadder news, today is blue box day! Saw it on the dashboard and it was hard to not get excited. Then I saw how little the amount was compared to what I was making on the site just a year ago :( Of course, you can’t beat making around $500 on work that you did months ago, right? And since this money is for sales from two months ago, this is likely one of the lower payouts before it starts rising right back up. So, I hope that you’re ready to start making that Squidoo money with me again! I’ve been making a few lenses here and there, but mostly just been waiting out the storm. And it looks like those storm clouds are clearing!

Another Depressing Squidoo Pay Day

Today that blue box appeared on the dashboard, and it wasn’t quite as much as I had hoped for. You see, I have noticed an increase in traffic on some of my more successful lenses and thought this meant that there would be a new upward trend in earnings.

For some reason, I had forgotten that there is a 2 month delay in the Squidoo pay   *facepalm*

So, while I have noticed that uptick in traffic, the pay for it won’t be till next month or even the next.

Yes, Tier Payment Is Low This Month

There is no denying that tier payments are crazy low for this payout. In fact, my overall pay is around $50 less than it was last month as a result of the lower tiers.

That being said, the tiers were never the big money maker anyway. It is all about that sweet Amazon affiliate money. Or any other affiliate program that you may use.

Honestly, Squidoo lenses are not rising up to the top of the SERPs as quickly as they once did. Some establish lenses have even taken a hit in the SERPs and been pushed back a page or two.


I’m Still Making Lenses

I know what you’re thinking…if they payout is on a downward trend for the tiers and the ranking is not as quick they why am I still making lenses?

The simple answer is – they are still making me money.

A few weeks ago I made a new lenses on one of my accounts and it quickly shot to the low 8,000s in lensrank. It doesn’t hurt that it got found and then put on a list of other lenses that Squidoo HQ posted for people one day.

That lens has gotten itself over 20 SquidLikes and started making sales on day three!

So, there is still some money to be made on Squidoo, but it is just not happening as quickly.

P.S. …

I do want to tell you all that I am not making quite as many lenses as I used to, though. As some of you may know, I have started a series of Kindle books on jobs that you can do from pretty much anywhere and that is taking up a lot of my time. If you’re interested, you can learn more at – I’m in the midst of finishing up the second book now, which is taking time away from working on my lenses and my niches sites. But, help people quit their boring cubicle jobs is exciting work!


Can You Still Make Money With Squidoo? Yes!

With all the craziness that has been going on lately at Squidoo, people seem to be wondering if it is still worth the time and effort. The short answer to this is – Yes!

Now, here’s the long answer. Ranking and banking on Squidoo is not as easy as it was this time last year – or even earlier this year. Not only have Squidoo lenses taken a beating int the SERPs, but Squidoo HQ has been pushing out ridiculous changes (often with no warning) resulting in a lot of people losing lenses and accounts. The truth is that you can still rank and bank with Squidoo lenses, but it just might take a little more work or a little more time. And, unfortunately, you have to try to ensure that you get pretty much zero backlinks that are no-follow, which can be difficult.

I have spend the past almost three weeks traveling around Europe and I did not take my laptop with me. So, when I returned home I had a couple of lenses locked. The reason was for bad inbound links, or no-follow links. I did not make those backlinks, which means that I had zero control in terms of who was linking to me. The good news is that if you have your own websites, you can try to balance out your backlinks by sending your own do-follow links to it.

Am I Still Making Money on Squidoo?

Some of you are wondering if I am still making money from my Squidoo lenses. Like most of you, I have lost several lenses – including some of my top tier 1 lenses. I have been fortunate though in that none of my accounts have been locked and that I am still making money. Don’t get me wrong, the amount that I am making from Squidoo has taken quite the nosedive. But – I am still making a decent amount of cash each month and I see no reason to stop and throw in the towel. In fact, I am making some new lenses today.

Based on my experience, it seems that adding a text module or two of kinda generic content at the bottom of your lenses – being sure to not use your main keywords – gets your lens up to 100% and keeps it published. I know of one guy who got the ‘low quality’ warning on a lens and added a text module of PLR content to get it to 100%! How crazy is that!?!

The sad reality is that Squidoo got a warning from Google and ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. Then, they attempted to make changes to the site in regards to good SEO practices when it is painfully clear that no one in charge there knows squat about SEO practices (good or bad). The dust seems to be settling though and I am hopeful for some good Halloween earnings. You may want to consider making some good Halloween lenses too!